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New year, new garden? Why you need a garden design expert

Well I would say that wouldn't I? Its my job. And its nice to feel wanted.

Seriously, here in the UK we are a lucky lot. We have more access to outside space than anywhere in Europe. 87% of UK homes have a garden. We also have 300,000 allotments. Unsurprisingly, in 2020 those looking for a new home, a house with a garden was the no. 1 search criteria. Its also said that house buyers are prepared to pay a premium of £30k for the right outside space, and even another 7% on top of this if that space is south facing...Another stat is, spend 5% of the value of your house on its garden and you'll put 10% on its resell value...These are the numbers, but if 2020 has taught us anything, some other things can matter much more.

Home is very important place. Its not just an investment or a retirement plan (if you are lucky enough to be in the generation for this to apply). Any shape, any size, any location. Its the place you can feel safe, can recharge your batteries, take joy from, share with people, grow your food in, explore with your children or hide from the world. It really is up to you.

With our summers seemingly getting better, more and more of us want to spend time outdoors. The open plan kitchen and bifold doors trend isn't going away. Why? because it works and makes family life easier and brings the outdoors in (well, lots of light and hopefully the sight of lovely calming green stuff). New builds are compact, and gardens are an space that you can't afford to ignore - they can double your entertaining, living and play space.

So why do you need me and my kind?

We can help you make the most of the space, with ideas and solutions that we've been trained to deliver. We're great listeners. We can take all your needs and shape them into your dream space. Don't know anything about plants? what about low maintenance designs. Want a patio next to the house? but is that right for the sun position? Don't you want that gin and tonic in the gorgeous evening light. We can tell you the best position. Building an extension? what impact does it have on the garden, what to do? Do you want to incorporate play equipment as still have a grown up relaxing space. The right route of flow around your garden just feels right and trust me, you'll be happier spending time outdoors.

These 6 spaces are basically the same shape and size. They aren't big, but still perfectly formed with their various lucky owners and homes in mind. They aren't my designs, but spaces I love and are great examples of what good design can bring to you and your garden.

From top Left to right clockwise: Privacy and classic detail, a place to relax and sunbathe, a green oasis in a "difficult" dark shady spot, extending your living space with a very contemporary approach for a small new build apartment, an evergreen courtyard to use all year round and finally, a family friendly space with privacy. The planting? all these are low maintenance. (especially if we install a low cost irrigation system when building the space - i.e. no watering even -just enjoyment).

We are here to make life easier during this process. We'll design your space, source the right materials and plants, recommend great landscapers and keep in touch to make sure things settle in and grow well. We can even project administer the build for you and plan you an annual care plan (or recommend a gardener).

And don't forget the lighting. When we plan the build, add the drainage etc... the cables go in too. The right lighting transforms your space and your enjoyment of it, whether you are inside or looking out. Look at these. Again, not mine. Just imagine yourself in July this year, at 10pm, on a nice warm evening. Enjoy.

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