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Plan relax later

Gardens are great. Picture it - a lovely bank holiday at the end of May. An extra day off, Its a Sunday night, you can stay up late. The sun is shining and you are sitting back on a lovely squishy sofa with a glass of something cold, admiring either:

a. Your beautiful garden, congratulating yourself on all the great work you have done so far

b. Your beautiful children playing - obviously, very nicely and not arguing, at all (ever)

c. At anything really - its a day off isn't it? the sky is blue, its sunny...….

But what will you be sitting on? I spent some time today looking to source new outdoor sofas for a client. Many of my go to brands had many great products not arriving until June / July, and many had already sold out.

So today I am going to talk sofas. Ones I like, brands to look out for and with great choices for all budgets. So, planning a new sofa? Best get one ordered soon.

First - what to look out for?

  1. Longevity. No room to store under cover in winter? then look at Rattan (it can be good looking), aluminium or very good quality wood (teak). I would stay away from the cheaper plastic faux rattan (for looks and longevity - especially of the cushions - no one likes a flat cushion)

  2. Removable and washable cushion covers, quick dry foam insets, fade resistant fabrics (even our sun can fade fabrics)

  3. Any webbing etc... to again be weather proof

  4. Invest in covers for rain, cold and winter

So - where to look.

Looking to invest? I love Vincent Shepherd and Cane Line. Below are some of their 2021 collections that I love. (told you rattan could look great!)

In a previous life, I often talked about a good / better and best offer. I worked in fashion - but the same applies to garden furniture too - Its all about balancing quality and price. The pictures above are relatively expensive ( 3 seater sofa from £1500 -£3000) , but are last a lifetime quality. The are indeed in my world Best.

So what about the better? I'd look at Garden Trading (first 2 pics below). Great design and quality - and fantastic value as they mainly sell sets -i.e. sofa, chair and table, all for £2,100 - £2,700. Kettler are pretty good too. This set (Pic 3) has a RRP of £1,800.00.

So - what about good? worth it? Oh yes. As comfy as Best? probably nit - and remember to look after them. The Online brand MADE does great design at great prices. The examples below go from £340 to the corner unit at £1299

Ikea? its a small range though, so as long as you don't mind everyone knowing where you got your furniture....

Whilst your are at it - think about your lighting too. I love this, again from Vincent Shepherd -what a fabulous idea for your festoon lights (go electricity not solar) . Happy garden dreaming

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