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The RHS Chelsea - get garden viewing at home

Hello. At this time of year, I would usually be saying, Happy Chelsea. The flower show that is, not the football team. (Come on City (Hobson's choice), but that would be another blog...).

If you are an avid reader of my blog - you are a select and wonderful group - you will know that Chelsea this year will be in September. So why am I talking Chelsea? Answer, Virtual Chelsea.

Virtual Chelsea is exactly what it says. Lots of digital content to sit back, relax and enjoy. I have just had a look round Trevor Nelsons garden that the very talented Matthew Wilson designed 3 years ago. If you are really thinking about getting your garden redesigned and not sure if you need a designer, have a look. We add value, and Trev really gets it now. (Nice garden Trev by the way - but I would have changed the garden storage room at the bottom of the garden. I think you need to clean your pond a bit too).

Other highlights that I am looking forward to during this week include:

- The Discovering series. Basically getting to nose around marginally famous peoples gardens, like Will Gompertz and Sangita Myska (Radio 4) and Jo Whiley. OK, so these are very BBC and hardly indicative of the UK population, and I'm not sure its helping the RHS to broaden its appeal too, but garden snooping is a great way to waste a few relaxing hours.(Even if one does have plastic hanging box balls in it...a punishable crime against gardening if I ruled the world...)

- A film on getting the best from Alliums

- Behind the scenes Chelsea garden builds from the past and where they are now - like Matt Keighley's Feel Good garden that is now an invaluable space for a mental health clinic.

Today is members day, but from Tuesday May 18, just go onto the RHS website and have a rummage around all the there is to offer and dream of garden wandering some time soon.

Fast forwarding to September - and here are the 2 gardens I am really looking forward to seeing. The first by Hugo Bugg and Charlo Harris and the second by Robert Myers. Enjoy x

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