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Time for Trees

Its National Tree week here in the UK #PlantForOurFuture, and now is the perfect time to plant new trees (during the bare root season).

Why do we need more trees? I'm sure you know, they help us fight climate change.


They are the ultimate carbon capture and storage machine, they take in carbon dioxide, store it and release oxygen. Forests across the world are the Earths 2nd largest natural storehouse of carbon. Keep reading and I'll tell you what is number 1 (and 3) - or do you know? Ask your kids, they will. Amazing trees also:

- Help regulate urban temperatures

- Reduce pollution (absorption again)

- Reduce flooding (Big trees, big drinkers)

Trees have been important to us for many, many years and many many reasons.

In UK folklore we believe (well, make your mind up), that Fairies only live in Blackthorn trees, that Hawthorn was the forbearer of the maypole (its blossom signalling the end of winter) and that planting a Rowan tree near your house helps keep evil spirts away. Druids loved a Silver birch, calling it the Goddess tree or the Lady of the forest, believing it could enchant and drive away evil. And if you wanted to get to the underworld, apparently its entrances where always under an Elm tree. All a bit King Arthur / Lord of the Rings? Remember when you walked through a forest as a kid. Remember the smell, the noises, the colours, the atmosphere. A little insight why our ancestors thought as they did? or just me?

So we have done a little (BIG) bit of science and a little bit of fantasy. Apart from food and habitats, they also make us feel amazing. How many of these amzing places have you visited? or even knew existed? I often go on holidays to see certain animals (gorillas, orangutan) and or gardens (The Alcazar, The Alhambra) - but I will be adding these to my wanderlust list. (and off setting obvs.)

L-R clockwise. Redwood National Park, California (the trees are often 100m tall and with 30m circumferences), Crooked Forest Poland, Sagano Bamboo forest Japan, The Major Oak Nottinghamshire (Its over 1100 year old) The Great Bear rain forest Canada and Sichaun in China (home to pandas. Those aren't fish in the water you see, its tree roots.) I am lucky. I have already been to 2 of these. (Well, I am from very near to Mansfield, the home of the Major Oak, and trust me, not a place for a special trip, but I do recommend Canada and the Great ear forest.

So, number 1? The oceans. Number 3? the Permafrost...…..Now it all starts to make sense doesn't it.

So plant a tree, we cant make anymore oceans, but we can plant loads more trees.

Happy December. Get planting.

My 3 favourite small garden trees. All good for even the smallest courtyard

Amelanchier Robin Hill - lovely blossom and scarlet red leaves in Autumn

Betula utilis jaquemontii Snow Queen - amazing white bark

Acer Campestre - Butter yellow autumn leaves

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