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What to buy a gardener for Christmas... its not what you think!

I am well known in my family as an avid gardener. However, this can lead to some pretty "interesting" Christmas presents. Lurking at the back of my shed I have many such items , see below. However, as I love to bits the people who buy me them (I'm sure you will agree, that looking at these gifts must mean I have a very forgiving nature) I can't throw them away (well at least for 5 years).

I'm also a big cat fan - but my garden helper Minnie (in the middle) attacks them too.

So, to minimise creating further land fill, how to keep the gardener in you life happy this Christmas? Here are 6 items that I would love, so I'm very brazenly saying, so would most gardeners. Things you never think to send your money on, but do really need. They are also all British small businesses, so you can feel good supporting them in these strange times.

Seed envelopes - Pack of 25, £3.99 GreenGrowseedsupply at Etsy.

Best Gardening gloves ever. I have many pairs of these, they wash amazingly. Unisex, Many colours and sizes £9.50 at Sarah Raven.

Blackboard labels and pencil. Practical, reusable, and very attractive. Nothing etter than new labels, bit like a new exercise book when you where at school. One especially for veg growers. From £7.95 at Sarah Raven.

Back door shoes Boots Chelsea boots. On my list. Lots of great colour combos. £45 at Backdoorshoes.

To feel snug and warm inside your Chelsea boots, how about luxurious cashmere socks? £32.50 from British Boxers on Notonthehighstreet.

For when you worked hard all day in a damp, foggy garden - retreat to a big bubbly bath with Espa Restorative bath oil. The smell is amazing. the perfect end to a perfect gardening day. £30 from Espa

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1 Comment

Dec 09, 2020

....& whats wrong with the forked 'thingamajig' on the right?? Thats a very useful gardening tool! Loving all those suggestions especially the Espa bath oil (heavenly) & those gloves ...oh & the socks. Great gardening pics/tips/ideas, keep em coming.....

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