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Xmas longings........

Its December 10th, so I am going to be very indulgent. Its been a long a tough year for everyone, so as I have said before, dreaming of things to come I find helps me cope with endless days of rain, dark, face masks and ridiculous politicians lying and fumbling about.

So, here are my current Top 5 attainable bucket list dreams. That is, they are things I will do in the next 18 months or so (fingers crossed). Think of them like a plastic sea side bucket of dreams v the galvanised shiny metal buckets that last a lifetime (like Blue whales off New Zealand and Tigers in India - that's another blog).

  1. Go somewhere sunny and do very little except relax, have cocktails and feel sunshine getting through to my bones. Here is my list of ponderings at present. Which would you do? Any? None?

Barbados with friends, Nile Cruise playing at being an Egyptologist, Seville again

2. Redesign my garden

Well, my garden is very important to me, and now I am living my dream as a Garden Designer, I seem to get less time to spend on my own space. I have many versions that I work on when I get some time. (Usually a wet Saturday afternoon when Liverpool are playing away and the commentary is on the radio. Like last week. Well done Divock, made my day, but my reaction did scare the Asst Gardener a bit.

3 of my favourite inspiration pics at the moment.

3. See the sea more

Be it day trips to Morecombe, weekends at Robin Hoods Bay or fish and chips at Lytham, I find being near the sea calming and invigorating at the same time. I'll settle for a night away on Anglesey, a return trip to Alnmouth or even more days on the Scilly Isles (Major garden alert here). All I need now is for the Senior Asst Gardener to kick into action.

Robin Hoods Bay, The Scilly isles, Anglesey

4. Build a RHS show garden - all be it smallish.

GWLive in August was a fantastic experience, so now I want to do one a bit more local. I must be crazy -the time, the cost, the stress...but I really can't wait to do it again. Come and see me when I do it. Here are some my favourite RHS Tatton Gardens of recent years.

5. To top wearing mask...…..

Take care everyone and have a great Christmas x

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