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Birthday indulgence...…Dream garden time

Its my birthday today. How to celebrate it in lockdown? well, in my very rock and roll world, I'll be giving myself the day off and spending it in my garden. Where else. I might even start listening to a new podcast. As I said, rock and roll. I might even make sure my favourite gardening gloves are clean. Life is good.

So what's the indulgence bit of this post? Inducting you into my world. As you can see from my birthday plans, I live a pretty high octane, fun packed, adrenalin filled, roller coaster of a life, so what do I do to relax? Look at garden pictures of course and build my dream garden in my head. So sit back, relax, get a glass of something cold (it will be a birthday Pisco Sour (s) for me) and dream you are in these spaces...(and its sometime in July and just out of shot are all the friends and family that you haven't been able to see / hug in the last 15 months).

Things I would have in my dream garden (it will of course, be very large...)

A secret Lake

Reached by walking through meadows and woodland...

Returning to the house seeing Sculpture and via hidden walk ways

via the perfect shed, greenhouse and home office complex

Arriving at the perfect relaxing outdoor space...

and sitting in amongst the most perfect planting - ever.

Enjoy x

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