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Get Inspired or lets pinch some ideas.....!

The best garden inspiration and ideas, often comes when looking at other peoples gardens.

What plants go well together, what grows well in your area and what you don't like too.

If you are thinking of developing your garden, or are just after a different day or too out, take a look at the NGS charity - The National Garden Scheme.

Some of you may have heard of the NGS - or seen a TV programme about it years ago. You may have an image in your mind of County ladies, with a clipboard, gilet, pearls and headscarf tied round their necks, marching round gardens saying "this just wont do!" Time really to think again.

The charity has been donating to health charities, with a focus on nursing charities, for over 90 years, and in this time have donated £60 million. They support vital charities like Marie Curie, Macmillan Cancer support and Hospice UK. In 2020, despite its challenges, they managed to hand over £2.88m - at a time when teh nurses really needed it.

So how do they do it? Approximately 3,500 people open their private gardens for people to visit. (This year you have to pre book, You make a donation, they sell you fantastic cake and plants (usually from cuttings from teh garden you are looking at), and you get to steal ideas or just enjoy the fruits of some else's labours.

In my local area - the North West, within the next month there are 10 gardens opening alone.

These 2 are already in my diary. Have a look at the NGS website and get yourself out and about. It will cost you £5/6, children are usually free - and don't forget the home made amazing teas...

The Clove Hitch, Broseley, June 27th

19 Fir Street, Sheffield, July 24th

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